Wellcome to my website!


I am Tobias Großkopf, a Munich born biologist fascinated by the self-organisation and design principles of life. Please feel free to explore these pages and find out more about myself.

I am excited about the advancement of new technologies in the life sciences and the blending between information technology and biology. If you would like to learn more, please take a look at my curriculum


My Postdoc area of research was microbial metabolism and communities. I used computer models and communities of microorganisms that we assembled in the lab to test hypothesis about how microbes interact and form higher order communities.


I am a hobby photographer and enjoy taking pictures of cityscapes and nature. In future I will develope a portfolio here on my website. For now, the link below takes you to my portfolio website on


After I completed my PhD thesis, I took a year off and sailed around the Baltic Sea. To log my trip, I created, my first self coded website. While the original site no longer exists, I recreated it here. I still go to visit it once in a while and get nostalgic.
Come and have a look!